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Hall of Fame 2015

Many of our staff and students have won prizes over the past year. Others have been awarded a subsidy, or, because of their eminence in their field, they have been appointed member of an academic society or have taken on a position in the community. Reasons enough to be proud of them and to include them in our 2015 Hall of Fame.

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International prizes, subsidies and funds   


Anatomical Theatre wins prizes

European subsidies  

EU Horizon2020

ERC Consolidator Grant 

ERC Advanced Grant

ERC Starting Grant

And also...

  • Jeroen Codee participant in EU Marie Curie Training Network - Leiden Institute of Chemistry   (no link)
  • Hermen Overkleeft receives EU Proof of Concept grant for Sphingolead - Leiden Institute of Chemistry   (no link)
  • Coen vand Hasselt receives EU Marie Curie Individual Fellowship - Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (no link)

Honorary Doctorates for Leiden professors   

Gregory Rozenberg
Grzegorz Rozenberg was awarded his fifth and sixth Honorary Doctorates


Membership of prestigious international academic organisations   


Recognition of merit and fellowships    

Annemieke Aartsma-Rus: the most influential Duchenne researcher

And also...  

Ewine van Dishoeck's name is mentioned most in this Hall of Fame
A film by Itandehui Jansen won a prize at the Bluestocking Film Series 2015 in Canada


National prizes, subsidies and grants   


Spinoza Prize

Innovational Research Incentives NWO
VICI subsidies

  • Eveline Crone  - Institute of Psychology
  • David Fontijn – Faculty of Archaeology
  • Alexander Kros  - Leiden Institute of Chemistry
  • Joop Schaye – Leiden Observatory

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VIDI subsidies

Aad van der Vaart won the most important Dutch research prize
  • Milan Allan - Leiden Institute of Physics
  • Jörg Meyer - Leiden Institute of Chemistry
  • Damian Pargas - Institute for History
  • Richard Davis – LUMC, Anatomy and Embryology
  • Joris Rotmans  - LUMC, Kidney diseases

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VENI subsidies for talented, starting researchers

  • Lucien van Beek – Leiden University Centre for Linguistics
  • Camiel Boon – LUMC, Opthalmology
  • Aimee Boyle - Leiden Institute of Chemistry
  • Alessandra Candian - Leiden Observatory
  • Karwan Fatah-Black – Institute for History
  • Francesco de Gasperin -  Leiden Observatory
  • Wouter Halfwerk - Leiden Institute of Biology
  • Hanneke Hendriks – Institute of Psychology
  • Johannes Jobst – Leiden Institute of Physics
  • Sigrid de Jong - Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Antoinette van Laarhoven – Institute of Psychology
  • Masja van Meeteren – Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology
  • Bettina Reitz-Joosse - Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Gerard van Westen - Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research

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NWO Rubicon

Julius Caesar considers crossing the Rubicon river

And others from NWO…



Membership in national academic organisations   

Honorary (academic) membership   



Tineke Cleiren was invited to the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) by Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders


University Science Prize    

And also...  

Marcia Brandenburg sang 'Happy' as part of her FameLab presentation

Awarded PhD research (international and national)  

Cathelijn Waaijer was one of the many women who received awards for their dissertations



Education prizes and subsidies

University Teaching Prize 2015  

Teachers’ Academy  

The Teachers’ Academy installed seven new fellows:

Harmen Jousma, winner of the Teaching Prize 2015 and member of the Teachers' Academy
  • Anita van Dissel – Institute for History
  • Jop Groeneweg - Institute of Psychology
  • Mirjam Houtlosser - LUMC, Medical ethics and public health law
  • Harmen Jousma - Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Sciences
  • Christien de Kruif - Institute for Public Law
  • Rebekah Tromble  - Institute of Political Science
  • Dirk Visser – Institute of Private Law

Honours Academy Star  

Faculty teaching awards    

Institute teaching awards  


Student prizes   

Three Leiden students received the Chemistry Talent Prize

Thesis awards    

And also…  


Honoured support and management staff



Royal honours    

Royal honours for Ton Bakker (© Peter Schipper) 


Leiden University awards   

University medal

Honorary Doctorates

Is your prize missing? Please send an email to nieuws@leidenuniv.nl

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