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Research and teaching have an impact on society. Our students, academics and graduates contribute to society in various ways.

Science for society

Not only does the University have an impact with its knowledge, in the short or longer term, but it also has an impact on the economy, on policy and on debates in society, for instance. Each euro that is spent on research has a roughly fourfold return, and the LUMC and the University have created tens of thousands of jobs. It is in part due to Leiden University and the LUMC that the city of Leiden has the most favourable business climate of all the economic regions in the Netherlands. Our research leads to patents and helps solve problems faced by society. In our research we seek collaboration with different partners, including businesses in the Bio Science Park Leiden.

Public-private partnership

LURIS is the expertise Centre at Leiden University that helps our researchers and students achieve societal impact for their inventions and their knowledge. LURIS achieves this by creating strategic alliances with industrial and other relevant partners in society, exploiting national and international funding opportunities and creating new business through spin-offs and start-ups for researchers and students from different disciplines. Luris

109,000 alumni: professionals at work

Every year about 7,000 bachelor’s students graduate from Leiden University. In their work these young people generally use knowledge and skills they have learnt from us. Media, politics and policy-making, healthcare, education, the law: these are all fields in which Leiden alumni are engaged.

Around 28,000 students active in the city

Our students are active inside and outside the University, and Leiden and The Hague benefit from their presence. Their work as interns or the research they conduct is valuable to many employers. For instance, every year students from the master’s programme in Journalism and New Media work together with the Leidsch Dagblad newspaper on a project in the city of Leiden.

Students also do voluntary work. This varies from helping with the 3 October celebrations in Leiden, providing a dinner for the homeless at a student society to collaboration with municipalities. Students from Leiden University College The Hague work together with the Municipality of The Hague in the Community Project, for example. Students also do voluntary work via Stichting Present (in Dutch), an organisation that connects students and staff from the University with voluntary work in Leiden. In Lugus young student entrepreneurs with special plans and ideas join forces with the business community.

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