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Chiara Piccoli winner of the Nick Ryan Bursary 2015

To honour the work of its longstanding chair Nick Ryan, CAA International provides the annual Nick Ryan Bursary. The Nick Ryan Bursary is chosen from the student paper presenters. The award will go towards the costs of next year's conference.

The results of the Nick Ryan Bursary 2015 are just in, and we are happy to announce that the winner is Chiara Piccoli from the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University “Enhancing GIS urban survey data with the 3rd dimension: a procedural modelling approach” (co-author: John Bintliff – PhD supervisor).

Her paper was presented at the 43 rd Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference in Siena this year in a session called Urban Digital-Scapes: Computer applications to the study of past urban developments organised by Sorin Hermon and Hanna Stöger.

Chiara is in good company. The winner of last year’s Nick Ryan Bursary was Iza Romanowska of the University of Southampton with the paper “Testing the Movius Line with Agent-based Modelling”.

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