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Outstanding Dissertation Award to psychologist Hanneke Hendriks

Interpersonal communication plays a vital role for the prediction of health behaviours and health campaign effects. That's the way Social and Organisational Psychologist Hanneke Hendriks put it in her dissertation. Hendriks has been awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award of the International Communication Association.

Alcohol abuse and binge drinking

Inspired by the varying degrees of success of health campaigns, Hendriks's dissertation shows that interpersonal communication plays a vital role for the prediction of health behaviours and health campaign effects. In the context of alcohol abuse and binge drinking, her dissertation provides insight into:

  • the interaction between health campaigns and interpersonal communication;

  • the effects of conversational valence (how negatively or positively people discuss health issues) on health determinants;

  • the influence of health campaign exposure and campaign induced emotions on conversational valence;

  • the role of self-persuasion for interpersonal communication effects.


Kevin B. Wright, Ph.D. Professor Department of Communication, George Mason University:
'Dear Dr. Hendriks- Congratulations! The awards committee selected your dissertation as the winner of the ICA Health Communication Division Outstanding Dissertation Award. We will recognize you at the ICA Health Communication Business Meeting in San Juan at the 2015 ICA Convention in May. You will also receive a check for $500 (I wish it could be more).'

'The competition for the award was extremely tough this year, so I congratulate you on a fine dissertation. I am also pleased because I had hoped that someone from a university outside of the U.S. would win the award this year, and so I think this is a good thing for our division. I look forward to presenting you with the award at the ICA Health Communication Business Meeting in May.'

Hendriks will receive the award of the International Communication Association (ICA) in the Health Communication Division, during the ICA Congres 2015 in Puerto Rico (San Juan) 21-25 May.

(10 April 2015/ MvG)

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