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Patrick Overeem wins an ISRF Early Career Fellowship

How are compromises struck in Dutch politics? Why are some compromises better than others? And to what extent do characteristics of the politicians involved affect the moral quality of a compromise? In 2016, assistant professor dr. Patrick Overeem will conduct a research project on these questions.

The title of the research project is 'Compromise with Character: An Integrated Framework to Assess the Moral Quality of Political Compromises'. The aim is to study the practice and ethics of compromising in Dutch national politics and thereby to develop an integral ethical framework for the assessment of political compromises. In this framework, not only the ‘input’ (moral principles) and the ‘output’ (results) will be taken into account, but especially also the ‘throughput’ (virtues of the participants).

Independent Social Research Foundation

The Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF) is a British fund to support interdisciplinary and independent social scientific research. In its various competitions, the ISRF annually awards several grants, including about four or five Early Career Fellowships. The Early Career Fellowship gives the researcher the opportunity to conduct nine months of full-time research.

Patrick Overeem

Patrick Overeem is an assistant professor at the Institute of Public Administration, Leiden University. He took degrees in both political science and public administration. In January 2010 he defended a doctoral dissertation on the historical meaning and constitutional relevance of the dichotomy between politics and administration in modern states. In his research, Patrick Overeem mainly concentrates on theoretical and normative issues in public administration and political science. He is one of the founders of The  Centre for Public Values & Ethics. He  teaches courses on political philosophy, administrative ethics, public values, and the philosophy of social science.

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