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The Hague

Leiden University has locations in two cities: Leiden and The Hague. In The Hague – city of peace, security and justice, where the University has had a campus since 1998 – the University’s teaching and research reflect the themes that are important for the capital city and for society.

Organisations in The Hague

Much of the academic teaching and research in The Hague is directly related to the work of the city’s organisations and institutions engaged in peace, security and justice. These include ministries, international and European inter-government and non-government organisations, embassies, and diplomatic and legal institutions. The capital city is a place where academic knowledge and complex societal issues come together naturally. The proximity of these organisations makes The Hague an attractive city to live, work and study.


The Faculty of Governance & Global Affairs forms the core of Campus The Hague. Teaching and research activities by other faculties within the University are also increasingly taking place in The Hague. By continuing to align closely with the  profile of The Hague, the campus will be able to develop as leading international centre of teaching and research.

Flourishing campus life

The Hague wants to develop further into a flourishing university city. The University has much to offer the city, not only students, highly educated graduates and academic knowledge, but also a breeding ground for talent, innovation, start-ups and post-academic teaching. The further development of campus life in The Hague is therefore high on the agenda for the both the municipality of The Hague and for the University.

Facts & Figures The Hague

  • 3350Students
  • 9Study programmes
  • 250Employees