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Femke Bakker awarded Peace Research Grant

Femke Bakker, political scientist at Leiden University, has been awarded a grant from the IPRAF (International Peace Research Organization Foundation) for her PhD research into the influence of political culture of different political regimes on individuals of these societies.

Bakker’s main focus is on individuals’ support for the use of force in international relations. The Peace Research Grant is meant to support her fieldwork.

The IPRAF was founded in 1990 by peace researchers who wanted to create a permanent funding base to support world-wide exchanges of peace research. IPRAF has engaged in peacemaking projects in the Middle East and the Balkans, provided scholarships for women from the developing world to pursue graduate education, allowed peace researchers from all around the world to travel to peace research conferences, and funded small peace research grants in places as diverse as Argentina, Bosnia, the Philippines, and Uganda.


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