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Hall of Fame 2017

Many of our staff and students have won prizes over the past year. Others have been awarded a subsidy, or, because of their eminence in their field, they have been appointed members of academic societies or have taken up positions in the community. Reasons enough to be proud of them and to include them in our 2017 Hall of Fame. We are very proud of them all.

Eveline Crone
Eveline Crone: most honours in 2017

The undisputed science diva of 2017 is the ‘professor of adolescent studies’ Eveline Crone. She was awarded a Spinoza Prize, won two awards from NWO and was appointed to three scientific societies, including the European Research Council.  Dutch monthly magazine OPZIJ also voted her the most influential female scientist in the Netherlands. She was the most frequently honoured individual in 2017.

Johathan Silk
Jonathan Silk: ERC Advanced Grant

International prizes, subsidies, grants and awards

EU subsidies

ERC Consolidator Grant

ERC Advanced Grant

ERC Starting Grant

More EU...

Honorary doctorates

Ineke Sluiter
Ineke Sluiter

International appointments

Special international awards

Marc Koper
Marc Koper was awarded the prestigiouos Faraday Medal

And also...

Michel Orrit
Michel Orrit: Spinoza Prize

National prizes, subsidies and grants

Spinoza winners

More NWO




Christina Eich
Christina Eich was awarded a Veni


NWO medium-sized subsidy

Margot Pont
Margot Pont, LUMC, going to US

NWO - Rubicon

Alicia Schrikker
Alicia Schrikker, subsidy from the Free Competition in the Humanities

Gravity subsidies for consortia

  • Innovation processes in antiquity, together with Radboud  University, UvA and the universities of Groningen and Utrecht. Lead applicants: Ineke Sluiter and André Lardinois, Radboud - Leiden Institute for the Arts in Society, Faculty of Archaeology and Institute for History
  • Organs-on-a-chip, together with Twente University, UMCG, TU Delft and the Hubrecht Institute. Lead applicants: Christine Mummery, LUMC/TU Twente and Albert van de Berg, TU Twente - LUMC, Development Biology and LUMC, Neurology
  • Development of quantum software, together with QuSoft, CWI, QuTech, TU Delft, UvA and VU. Lead applicants: CWI, UvA and QuTech - Bas Edixhoven (Mathematical Institute), Askle Plat (Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Studies) and Carlo Beenakker and Dirk Bouwmeester (Leiden Institute for Physics).  

Other NWO awards

NWO - Free Competition in the Humanities

Hayley Mickleburgh
Hayley Mickleburgh: first national Postdoc prize

Starting Incentive Science Agenda 

Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW))

Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW)


Young Academy of KNAW and KHMW

Special recognition awards

Appointed to national academic associations

Job Cohen
Job Cohen joins board of NWO

Academic and societal appointments

Ton Koopman
Ton Koopman awarded achievement prize

And also...

Esther Mourits
Esther Mourits honoured by Old Leiden Historical Association

Award-winning PhD research (international and national)

Grzegorz Rozenberg
Grzegorz Rozenberg: many awards to his name

Royal decorations

Studente prizes and honours

Award-winning master's research

Ilona Schoep
Ilona Schoep won two prizes

And also...

Moot Court
Leiden wins international Moot Court

Also interesting

Florian Schneider
Florian Schneider: best lecturer in 2017

Teaching prizes and awards

University Teaching Prize for best lecturer, awarded by the Leiden University Student Platform (LUS)

Florian Schneider wins LUS Teaching Prize - Leiden Institute for Area Studies

Faculty and institute prizes

Marijke Hamel
Marijke Hamel

Internal, non-academic prizes

Other awards presented by Leiden University

Honorary doctorates

Scaliger Medal

Faculty awards

Scholarships awarded by Leiden University


NB: If any awards are missing from this summary, please let the editors know via: nieuws@leidenuniv.nl. We will be happy to add them.  

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