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Ton Koopman wins Edison Achievement Prize

Emeritus Professor Ton Koopman has been awarded the 2017 Edison Classical Achievement Award. He was presented with this prestigious Dutch music award on 19 November during a live broadcast on Dutch TV channel NPO 2.

Koopman is a truly multitalented individual. Not only is he a musician, director and organist, he is also a lecturer in music. Since 2005 he has held a professorship at Leiden University, focusing on 'the historically informed performance practice of ancient music'. He is a self-declared advocate of the authentic performance of musical works, where use is made, for example, of original instrument from the time of the composer.

‘Intelligent listening pleasure’

His talent has not gone unnoticed, commented the chair of the jury Mischa Spel: ‘It is an honour for the Edison Foundation to award the Edison Achievement Prize to Ton Koopman, for all the wonderful CDs he has made and all the memorable hours of intelligent listening pleasure that he has given us - and will undoubtedly continue to give us.' Spel described Koopman as an ‘exuberant and continuous source of knowledge on and enthusiasm for music’ and praised his accessibility for students - in spite of his busy schedule. 

Award ceremony

Koopman received his award on Sunday 19 November during the Podium Witteman programme in the De Hallen Studios in Amsterdam. 

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