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Simply a phenomenal article

On Friday 20 January the Meijers Awards were presented for the best article published in 2016 written by a researcher in the final phase of their PhD research. The winners received a certificate and prize money to be put towards their research.

•     1st prize was awarded to Vestert Borger for his article 'Outright Monetary Transactions and the stability mandate of the ECB: Gauweiler' (2016) 53 Common Market Law Review, Issue 1, pp. 139–196.

The jury: “This concerns an article on the most important decision of the EU Court of Justice in recent years (certainly with regard to the position of the euro) in the leading international journal on European law. Simply a phenomenal article.”

•    2nd prize was for Patrick van Berlo and his article ‘The Protection of Asylum Seekers in Australian-Pacific Offshore Processing: The Legal Deficit of Human Rights in a Nodal Reality’ published in the Human Rights Law Review (p. 1-39) in 2016.

•     3rd prize was awarded to Valentina Caria for her article ‘Het tuchtrecht voor bankiers. Een zoektocht naar de maatschappelijke positie van het bankwezen’, (Disciplinary Law for bankers. An investigation of the status of the banking sector in society) Ars Aequi 2016 07/08: 535-544.

The jury of the Meijers Awards was composed of the Faculty Research Board and this was the first time prizes were awarded. A new tradition was born on 20 January.

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