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Jurriaan Witteman to receive the Keetje Hodshon Prijs

The KHMW (Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen) has decided to grant the Keetje Hodshon Prijs voor Taalwetenschappen to LUCL’s Jurriaan Witteman for his 2014 dissertation titled Towards a Cognitive Neuroscience of Prosody Perception and its Modulation by Alexithymia.

The Keetje Hodshon Prijs is an encouraging award for recently promoted researchers in the humanities. The award is granted annually to research on linguistics, literary studies, history, and philosophy and/or theology. 

Want to congratulate Jurriaan on his achievement and celebrate with him? Come to the LUCL common room on Monday April 3rd at 10:00h and join Jurriaan for a piece of cake!

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