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Grzegorz Rozenberg appointed Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion

Prof.dr. Rozenberg, emeritus professor in Theoretical Computer Science at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS), received a royal decoration from the deputy mayor of Leiden on December 15th 2017. He has been appointed Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

Rozenberg received this Dutch order of knighthood for his exceptional achievements for science in general and Theoretical Computer Science in particular. At institute, faculty and university level he has distinguished himself by the high standard of scientific research and contributed to the visibility of computer science in Leiden and therefore that of Leiden University in the national and international scientific world.

The guru of Natural Computing

In 1979 Rozenberg became professor at Leiden University, where he was involved in the establishment of computer science in the Netherlands as a study program and computer science as an autonomous and substantial field of science. He is the author of more than five hundred publications and six books, and (co-) editor of more than a hundred books. Moreover, Rozenberg is editorially involved in many international journals and book series, some of which he has founded. He was the founder of international scientific conferences and has co-started several large-scale NWO and EU-funded projects. Six foreign universities recognized the scientific merits of Rozenberg in the form of an honorary doctorate. After reaching retirement age in 2007, Rozenberg remained actively involved in developments in his field. He still does research and gives lectures and advanced courses at various foreign universities.

Crucial and ground-breaking contributions

The executive board of Leiden University has nominated Rozenberg as a candidate for the royal decoration. In their recommendations, the members of the board praise his crucial and ground-breaking contributions. 'Because of his tireless dedication, innovative ideas, open character, scientific curiosity and more than normal productivity, Professor Rozenberg is one of the most important creators in the fields of Theoretical Computer Science and Natural Computing. He knew better than anyone else to get support for the development and the continuation of projects. Above all, he has always generously shared his knowledge with colleagues and young newcomers in the field.'

Symposium FACETS

Rozenberg received the royal decoration during the symposium 'Many Facets of Computation: An Insight in Current Trends' that was organised by LIACS together with the Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL) in the Lorentz room of the Kamerling Onnes Building on the occasion of his 75th birthday.

Photography: Monique Shaw

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