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Hendrik Casimir Prize 2016 voor Andrea Peña en Jorrit Hortensius

Op de LION/Sterrewacht nieuwjaarsborrel heeft prof. Tjerk Oosterkamp de 2016 Hendrik Casimir Prize uitgereikt aan natuurkundestudenten Andrea Peña (Leiden) en Jorrit Hortensius (Delft). The Casimir Research School deelt jaarlijks de Hendrik Casimir Prize uit aan de beste masterstudenten in (technische) natuurkunde aan de Universiteit Leiden en Tu Delft. De prijs bestaat uit een certificaat en €750.

De prijs is gefinancierd vanuit een donatie van wijlen Josina Casimir-Jonker, de vrouw van de beroemde fysicus Hendrik Casimir. Peña en Hortensius zijn genomineerd door een commité bestaande uit Jos Thijssen (directeur masteropleiding Delft), Martin van Exter (onderwijsdirecteur Leiden), Hara Papathanassiou (studieadviseur Leiden) en Christophe Danelon (coördinator Casmir pre-PhD Master Delft). Ze schrijven het volgende over de twee masterstudenten.

"Andrea is a talented student who has performed very well in her first year. Andrea has first joined the Physics program as an Erasmus exchange student from Spain. She adapted remarkably well and even followed a MSc course and carried out a successful research project in her BSc. She has a low key approach and proceeds carefully, delivering high performance while never overstating her capacity or achievements. Moreover, she is a very friendly person, always ready to help and share her experience with others. In the current semester she has been carrying out a project at ARCNL (local supervisor D. Bouwmeester) on investigating potential correlation of the amplitude of THz pulses from a two-color laser with the excited modes of an air-plasma mix."

"Jorrit completed a double bachelor programme in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics with both diplomas awarded ‘cum laude’ (with distinction). His performance in the master programme is equally stellar. Jorrit usually does his coursework with a group of about five very good students in the master Applied physics and these students all have an exemplary working attitude which, together with their talent for physics and math, has a stimulating effect on a wide fraction of their cohort. Jorrit emanates enthusiasm for physics and for the courses he takes. He participates in activities of the student physics society VvTP."

vlnr: Prof. Tjerk Oosterkamp, Andrea Peña, Jorrit Hortensius