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PhD prize for astronomer Adrian Hamers

Adrian Hamer, who obtained his PhD in the group of Simon Portegies Zwart on 21 June 2016, receives a prestigious PhD thesis award prize of the International Astronomical Union. Hamers is one of the most talented, young, theoretical astrophysicists, according to the jury.

Hamers’ research is broad ánd profound. During his PhD research, Hamers proceeded on earlier work, for instance on the work of the famous mathematician Henri Poincaré. PhD supervisor Simon Portegies Zwart: ‘Adrian’s work outruns the work of others. He has a special talent to unravel extraordinary complicated mathematical equations until the solution, that was hidden in deep abstract layers before, jumps out of the paper laughing, as it were.’

Hamer’s work will lead to a better insight in the motion of planets around other stars and is at the same time important for understanding the movement of stars around a supermassive black hole. Furthermore, the theory that Hamers developed will lead to a better understanding of our galaxy and other galaxies. 

source: astronomie.nl

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