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Rubicon grants for two Leiden researchers to study abroad

Two researchers at Leiden University who have recently received their doctorates have been awarded Rubicon grants to carry out research abroad. Both will be going to the US. one to conduct research on the spread of tumours and and the other to study nuclear fusion.

In this first financing round of 2017, NWO awarded 15 grants to young researchers who will now be able to get their careers off to a flying start by conducting research abroad. 

Chris Smiet, Leiden Institute of Physics: The topology of nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion is the clean, inexhaustible source of energy that the world needs. Chris Smiet will use the mathematics of knots to describe new magnetic structures that make it possible to generate this form of energy. He will be conducting his research at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in the United States.

Nynke van den Berg, Leiden University Medical Center: Identification of intra-operative lymph gland metastases in patients with head and neck cancer

The presence of metastases in the lymph glands has a major influence on the prognosis for patients with (early stage) head and neck cancer. Nynke van den Berg will be investigating whether a tumour-specific, flourescent colouring agent can trace metastases during the operation.  She will be conducting this research at the Stanford University School of Medicine in the United States.

Rubicon programme

NWO's Rubicon programme makes it possible for these young researchers to carry out their research at leading institutes such as the University of Cambridge, Harvard University and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. All fifteen Rubicon researchers will be able to spend two years at a foreign institution. International experience is an important step in the careers of many researchers.  A total of 80 applications were submitted for a Rubicon award, 43 by men and 27 by women. Twelve of the successful candidates will be going to the United States, one to the UK, one to Belgium and one to Sweden. 

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