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2018 Hall of Fame

Over the past year, many of our staff and students have won prizes, been awarded a substantial grant or been appointed to an academic association or a position in public life. All of these are good reasons to include them in our 2018 Hall of Fame. We are proud of them all.

Special interest

Ewine van Dishoeck received most honours

Just as last year, one female scholar has received more awards than any other: astronomer Ewine van Dishoeck. In Norway she received the prestigious Kavli Prize and in the United States the James Craig Watson Medal 2018 from the American National Academy of Sciences. She was also appointed to the Board of Trustees of the famous Institute for Advanced Study in the US, and in the Netherlands she became an honorary member of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society. 

Ewine van Dishoeck
Ewine van Dishoeck, scholar with most awards in 2018

International prizes, scholarships and awards

EU subsidies

ERC Advanced Grant

ERC Consolidator Grant

ERC Starting Grant

Marie Curie grant

European Asylum Support Office

Erasmus-Plus Subsidy

Winnie Gebhardt
Winnie Gebhardt received an Honorary Fellowship from the European Health Psychology Society

International awards


Prizes and grants

Carlo Beenakker
Carlo Beenakker receiving an Honorary Doctorate at the Bogolyubov Institute in Kiev, Ukraine

Research/presentation on behalf of European institutions

Honorary Doctorate

Carsten de Dreu
Carsten de Dreu receives an ERC Advanced Grant and a Spinoza Prize

National prizes, subsidies and grants

Spinoza winners

More NWO


VICIs  for three Leiden researchers:

  • Mario van der Stelt - Leiden Institute of Chemistry
  • Fijs van Leeuwen -  Medicine, LUMC 
  • Roeland Merks - Mathematical Institute (part-time professor, also works at CWI, Natitonal Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science)


VIDIs for nine Leiden researchers

  • Alexandre Afonso - Institute of Public Administration
  • Lucia Clemens Daxinger - Medicine/LUMC, human genetics
  • Rogier Creemers - Institute for the Multidisciplinary Study of the Law
  • Daniel Curtis - Institute of History
  • Irene Groot - Leiden Institute of Chemistry
  • Laura Heitman - Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research
  • Mariska Kret - Institute of Psychology
  • Stefan Semrau - Leiden Institute of Physics
  • Nicolas Vrousalis - Institute of Political Science
Christina Eich
Marian Hickendorff received a VENI grant from NWO


Veni subsidies for 16 Leiden researchers:

  • Evin Aktar - Institute of Psychology
  • Wyger Brink - Medicine/LUMC, radiology
  • Ece Ercan - Medicine/LUMC, radiology
  • Jörg Gross - Institute of Psychology
  • Marian Hickendorff - Institute of Education and Child Studies
  • Marleen Kunneman - Medicine/LUMC, medical decision-making
  • Sven Mieog - Medicine/LUMC, surgery
  • Sanneke van Rooden - Medicine/LUMC, radiology
  • Giovanni Rosotti - Leiden Observatory
  • Rachel Schats - Faculty of Archaeology
  • Laura Steenbergen - Institute of Psychology
  • Carolien Stolte - Institute of History
  • Marleen Termeer - Faculty of Archaeology
  • Sanne van Veluw - Medicine/LUMC, radiology and neurosciences
  • Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh - Institute of Public Law
  • Jeroen Wolbers - Institute for Security and Global Affairs
Albert de Jong
Albert de Jong receives subsidy from the Free Competition in the Humanities

NWO - Free competition in the Humanities

Subsidies for consortia

Top subsidies

ECHO subsidies

Other NWO awards

Corinne Hofman
Corinne Hofman wins Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship awarded by NIAS and KNAW

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

The KNAW has appointed five new Leiden members:

  • Peter ten Dijke - Medicine/LUMC, molecular cell biology
  • Judi Mesman - Leiden University College The Hague and Institute for Family and Child Studies
  • Michel Orrit - Leiden Institute of Physics
  • Hermen Overkleeft - Leiden Institute of Physics
  • Judith Pollmann - Institute for History

And more...

Vestert Borger
Verstert Borger leaves for Yale Law School (US) in 2019 as Niels Stensen Fellow

Appointments, prizes and other awards


Prizes, grants and subsidies


Professor of Law and Society Maartje van der Woude received the KNAW Heineken Young Scientist Award.
Professor of Law and Society Maartje van der Woude received the KNAW Heineken Young Scientist Award.

Advice to government and related institutions

Sylvia van Beugen
Sylvia van Beugen wins international prize for best 'health dissertation'

Award-winning PhDs (national and international)

Victor Halberstadt
Victor Halberstadt received his second royal honour

Royal honours

Student prizes and awards

Leiden University wants students to do more than just study, and encourages them to develop in other ways as well. That is why this year for the first time a certificate was awarded to a student who has done a year of administrative work: master's student of History Jasper de Vries was an assessor of the Local Chamber of Associations (PKvV) in Leiden for one year. All students who did a year of administrative activities last year will receive a certificate, and from now on a certificate will be awarded to all students who have completed a year of administrative responsibilities. 

Law student Louise Verboeket won the first Leiden University Thesis Prize and the faculty Jongbloed Thesis Prize
Law student Louise Verboeket won the first Leiden University Thesis Prize and the faculty Jongbloed Thesis Prize

Award-winning master's research

Jinne Samson
Jinne Samson won a prize with his bachelor's thesis.

And also...

Also interesting

Roeland Dirks
Roeland Dirks: best lecturer in 2018

University teaching prizes and other awards

Best lecturer 2018

Faculty and institutional teaching prizes


First ten lecturers receive the Senior Teaching Qualification. They are Bart Barendregt - Institute of Cultural Anthropoliogy and Development Sociology; Lindsay Black - Institute for Area Studies; Marcello Bonsangue - Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science; Thijs Bosker, Leiden University College The Hague and Leiden Centre for Environmental Science; Marjo de Graauw - Centre for Academic Drug Research; Simone van der Hof - Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Law;  Egbert Koops - Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Law; Joanne Mol - Faculty of Archaeology; Marlies Reinders - Medicine/LUMC, Internal Medicine, and Niels van Willigen, Institute of Political Science.

Prizes for support and administrative staff / student activitiest

Honorary doctorate for political scientist Adrienne Héritier

Honorary doctorate

  • Prof. A. Héritier, professor of Political Science at the European University Institute in Florence

University Medal

University Medal awarded to Marianne Wanders - Administration and Central Services

The Faculty of Medicine/LUMC has its own extensive Hall of Fame with research awards. See the award winners here. 

NB: If you are aware of any omissions, please inform the news editors via nieuws@leidenuniv.nl. We will be happy to add new awards to the list. 

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