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ERC Consolidator Grant for Leiden

Leiden University professor of Science-Based Business Simcha Jong Kon Chin has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant.

An ERC Consolidator Grant is intended for researchers who want to develop their research further with a research team they will set up specifically for this research or with a team that they would like to strengthen. In principle, seven to twelve years' postdoc experience is required. The Consolidator Grant is for a maximum of two million euros.

Simcha Jong Kon Chin
Prof. Simcha Jong Kon Chin

Simcha Jong Kon Chin, Science-Based Business, Leiden Institute for Computer Science (LIACS)

Project INSCONS – Addressing Global Challenges through International Scientific Consortia; Case studies in biomedicine, the geosciences, and nuclear fusion research

The INSCONS project is about international scientific consortia such as ITER (nuclear fusion), ALMA (astronomy), and the European Brain Project (neurobiology). We increasingly look at such such consortia to come up with scientific and technological advances that are needed to address global challenges in areas such as health, the environment and clean energy. These international consortia represent a novel model for organising scientific research that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Yet, little or no research has been done on them. Organising international scientific consortia represents various challenges. These consortia are highly complex organisations, with budgets that often run in the billions of euros, and work spread out across a multitude of research sites around the world. Moreover, these consortia must navigate (competing) interests of various international stakeholder groups from across the realms of science, policy, and industry. INSCONS is a ground breaking project that will shed light on the challenges involved in organising these consortia, and the broader changes these consortia herald for the scientific endeavour.

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