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Public administration and economics researchers commissioned by European Asylum Support Office to research migration

Dimiter Toshkov, Olaf van Vliet, Alexandre Afonso and Zouheir El-Sahli from the Institute of Public Administration (FGGA) and the Department of Economics (Faculty of Law) have been commissioned to carry out research for the European Asylum Support Office.

The commission is for interdisciplinary research into migration flows towards the European Union. The main focus of the research is the ‘push and pull’ factors of individual countries. These are factors that attract or repel migrants. The second focus is factors that explain which countries asylum seekers move to once they are within the boundaries of the European Union.

The researchers will look in particular at factors such as migration policy, the job market and differences in social security between the EU member states. The project is linked to the SOLID research project on migration and social security, which falls under the Interaction Between Legal Systems programme, one of the research focuses of Leiden University.

The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) is an EU agency that addresses questions relating to asylum policy.

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