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Royal honour for emeritus professor Victor Halberstadt

Emeritus professor Victor Halberstadt has been honoured with the Cross of Honour of the Order of the House of Orange.

Erekruis van de Huisorde van Oranje

Halberstadt received the decoration for his many services to the Royal House over a long period of time. The Amsterdam economist was an advisor to the Directorate-General of the Budget at the Ministry of Finance from 1971 to 1973. He was a Crown-appointed member of the Social and Economic Council (SER) in the years 1972 to 2004. In addition, from 1974 to 2009 he was professor of public finances at Leiden University.

In 1981, together with the economist Cees de Galan, he helped put an end to the government crisis related to the financial and economic policy.  Halberstadt was appointed a Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion in 1990.

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