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Hall of Fame 2016

Many of our staff and students have won prizes over the past year. Others have been awarded a subsidy, or, because of their eminence in their field, they have been appointed member of an academic society or have taken on a position in the community. Reasons enough to be proud of them and to include them in our 2016 Hall of Fame.

International prizes, grants and funds


ERC Consolidator Grant

  • Eveline Crone - Institute for Psychology
  • Roberta D'Allessandro - Centre for Linguistics (DUTCH)
  • Caroline Waerzeggers - Institute for Area Studies (DUTCH)
  • Erik Bähre - Institute for Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
  • Petra Sijpesteijn - Arabic Language and Culture

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ERC Starting Grant

ERC Advanced Grant

Membership of prestigious international academic organisations

Recognition of merit and fellowships

And also...

National prizes and grants

NWO - Internationalisation in the Humanities

NWO - VICI grant

NWO - VIDI grant

NWO - VENI grant

NWO - Rubicon

NWO - TOP grants

NWO - Others


Membership of national academic organisations

Honorary (academic) membership

And also...

PhD research (international and national)

Education prizes and grants

Faculty teaching awards

Student prizes

Thesis awards

And also...

Toyal honours

Awards presented by Leiden University

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