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Leiden Alumni win NVER 2016 Awards for Master Theses

The Europa Instituut is honoured to announce that two Leiden alumni received awards for their master theses at the annual meeting of the Netherlands Association for European Law (NVER) in Utrecht.

Annette Scholten won the NVER Thesis Prize 2016. She completed the Master’s Programme in European Law at Leiden Law School with her thesis  on the European Fiscal Board and the implications for the European Economic and Monetary Union.

Additionally, the master thesis of Frederik Behre received an honourable mention from the jury. He also completed the Master’s Programme in European Law with his thesis on a potential constitutional double standard in the jurisprudence of the German Bundesverfassungsgericht.

The Europa Instituut congratulates both alumni for this remarkable achievement and also Dr. Armin Cuyvers who supervised both students.

After the awards had been presented, the audience discussed the developments surrounding the announced Brexit. Prof. Paul Craig (University of Oxford) and Prof. Laurence Gormley (University of Groningen) were invited as guest speakers and shared their respective view on this highly important topic. Dr. Armin Cuyvers also took part in the subsequent panel discussion.

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