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International Studies students receive their diplomas

No fewer than 194 students received their bachelor's diplomas in International Studies on Friday 26 August.

Of the 250 students who graduated, 194 were presented with their diplomas during a ceremony in the  Pieterskerk in Leiden. The student procession - smart casual dress in line with protocol - entered the church to the sound of the church organ. They were followed by their very proud lecturers. 'We were really happy to see you arrive,' said André Gerrits, Professor of International Studies and Global Politics, 'but we are even happier to see you leave! With a lot of extra intellectual baggage, of course.' 

Best student

Gerrits presented the Golden Stork award for the ‘Most Outstanding Student’, this year to Ruth-Marie Henckes. Henckes earned a 9.3 for her final essay, completed the honours programme, spent a semester as an intern in Tanzania, and was also the driving force behind the student magazine BIAS for almost two years. The jury commented that, with all these activities, she had made a contribution not only to the study programme but also to society. 

Best thesis

In the ‘Best Thesis’ category, the Golden Stork went this year to Maurice Gajan. He wrote his bachelor's thesis on China's intervention in the water supplies in the Nile delta, for which he was given a grade of 9.3. Well deserved, in the opinion of the jury, because his research was not only comparative, but also innovative and made a clear contribution to the existing literature.

‘The Hague became fun and friendly’

International Studies started in 2012. ‘In that first year it felt as if we had taken possession of an unfurnished apartment,' said alumnus David Chadwick in his speech. 'The design of the building may well have been faultless, but it was empty. That changed when you arrived in 2013. The Hague became a fun and friendly place to study. Future students will thank you for that.'

About International Studies

International Studies is a relatively young programme, taught at Campus The Hague since 2012. The first cohort of students graduated last year. Every student has the choice of specialising in one of the eight world regions offered, after which they make an in-depth study of the language, economy, culture and politics of their chosen region. The programme is part of the Faculty of Humanities and, because of its international character, is very popular among international students. About half of all students come from outside the Netherlands.

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