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Rudy Andeweg appointed as member of the Dutch Electoral Council

Rudy Andeweg, professor of empirical political science at Leiden University, joins the Dutch Electoral Council as of 1 January 2017. He was nominated by minister Plasterk (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) and appointed by the Council of Ministers on 10 June 2016.

Central electoral committee

The Electoral Council serves as the Netherlands’ central electoral committee, and as an advisory body to the government in the field of franchise, elections, and referenda. The Council is based in The Hague and consists of 7 members. These members are appointed for a 4-year term, which can be renewed 2 times.

Expertise, knowledge, and experience

Members of the Electoral Council are selected on the basis of their expertise in electoral law and elections, as well as their knowledge of Dutch society and professional experience.

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