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Major NWO subsidies for research on dark matter and quantum experiments

Astronomer Koen Kuijken and physicist Tjerk Oosterkamp have each been awarded a major subsidy by NWO. The funding will allow them to construct new research facilities.

New data on dark matter and dark energy

The Euclid Mission of the European Space Agency, planned for 2020, aims to gather information on dark matter and dark energy. Astronomer Koen Kuijken will be researching the new insights generated by this data. The subsidy from NWO will fund the new Dutch Science Data Centre, where astronomers will be able to access the data from the satellites. 

The NWO subsidy amounts to 1,985,000 euros.

Experiments on quantum effects at extremely low temperatures

The NWO subsidy awarded to Tjerk Oosterkamp will allow his research group to develop a multimodal UHV microscope that will make it possible to conduct innovative research on quantum effects at close to absolute zero. Using this instrument researchers will be able to examine the characteristics of electrons in materials in which they are heavily entangled. 

The NWO subsidy amounts to 2,80,000 euros.




NWO Large Investment Grant

NWO awarded seven subsidies for innovative scientific equipment within the NWO Large programme. Two of these awards were for Leiden research groups. This funding will enable scientists to conduct pioneering research and generate new data. 

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