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Awards and Grants 2017

An overview of awards and prizes granted to our staff and students in 2017, as well as special appointments and royal distinctions.

Awards and Prizes

  • Marileen Dogterom new KNAW board member
  • Professor Ronald Cramer received an ERC Advanced Grant from the EU for his proposal 'Algebraic Methods for Stronger Crypto'
  • PhD student Lisanne Rens receives the H.D. Landahl Mathematical Biophysics Award
  • Professor Jo Hermans receives the Gero Thomas Commemorative Medal from The European Physical Society (EPS) 
  • Joanna Pawlak to Yale University School of Medicine 
  • Changsheng Wu to Laboratory of Genetically Encoded Small Molecules, Rockefeller University
  • Professor Hermen Overkleeft appointed the new Scientific Director of chemistry institute LIC
  • Dr. Remko Offringa appointed professor in Plant Developmental Genetics
  • Professor Koos Biesmeijer appointed professor in Natural Capital
  • PhD student Sung-Shik Jongmans receives the IPA Dissertation Award 2016
  • Dr. Adrian Hamer received the PhD thesis award prize of the International Astronomical Union
  • Professor Mario van der Stelt receives the Young Investigator Award from the International Cannabinoid Research Society
  • Annelot van Esbroeck wins awards at international conference in Canada
  • Dr. John van Noort appointed professor in Biophysics
  • Professor Marc Koper was appointed as member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW)
  • Professor Thomas Hankemeier receives grant from Zon-MW for the further development of their "microvessel-on-a-chip-model"
  • Professor Wessel Kraaij became Distinguished Member of the Association for Computing Machinery
  • PhD student Sander Blok receives the LION Image Award 2017
  • Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry awards PhD project to David Klein
  • Professor Martina Vijver receives a Special Recognition Award from the World Cultural Council
  • New rare plant species named after Hortus prefect professor Paul Kessler
  • Professor Joost Kok was appointed to be the new Dean of University of Twente’s EEMCS Faculty
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