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Study associations

The Faculty of Science has multiple study associations, which organise both study-related and social activities for students.

Website Leidse Biologen Club

Leidse Biologen Club

Biology students can become a member of the Leidse Biologen Club (LBC). The LBC combines study-related activities with sociability. The study association regularly organises lectures, excursions, movie nights, drinks, and parties.

De Leidsche Flesch

Website Leidsche Flesch

The Leidsche Flesch is the study association for Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and Computer Science students at Leiden University. The association organises year-round professional activities such as excursions, lectures, and a study trip abroad, as well as movie nights and parties. Members of the Leidsche Flesch can also buy their books at a discount. 

Website Chemisch Dispuut Leiden

Chemisch Dispuut Leiden

The Chemisch Dispuut Leiden (CDL) is the study association for Molecular Science & Technology (MST) and the Master Chemistry. Together with the Technologisch Gezelschap in Delft, CDL organises an annual introductory weekend for first-year MST students. The association also organises activities such as study trips, excursions, lectures and symposiums, but also drinks, parties, and movie afternoons.


The Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten-Vereeniging (L.P.S.V.) „Aesculapius” looks after the interests of the students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BFW) and Pharmacy. They regularly organise activities such as lectures on bio-pharmaceutical subjects, excursions to companies in the Netherlands and abroad, but also sports days, drinks, and parties. 

Website S.V. LIFE


The Studievereniging LIFE is the study association for Life Science & Technology (LST). The association organises activities such as workshops, company visits, tutorials, and study trips. Every two years, they also organise a symposium with interesting speakers from the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to these educational activities, they also organize drinks, parties and welfare activities.

IESA Shift

Website Shift

IESA Shift is the study association for the Master Industrial Ecology (IE) at Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. Shift aims to bring IE students closer to the academic and professional field by organising workshops, excursions, and other events with various firms and professionals. In addition, they provide study support and additional course materials for all members. Besides these career and study-based activities, Shift also organises various social events and gatherings throughout the year.

Website Leidsch Astronomisch Dispuut F. Kaiser

Leidsch Astronomisch Dispuut F. Kaiser

Leidsch Astronomisch Dispuut F. Kaiser is the Astronomy study association and is part of De Leidsche Flesch. Kaiser fosters the integration between Astronomy students and other members of the Leiden Observatory community by organising social activities and events, including guided tours and public events at the Leiden historical observatory Oude Sterrewacht. Study association De Leidsche Flesch arranges the book sale for the Astronomy programme, through which members can easily order their books with a discount.

Website GOSSA


GOSSA is the study association of the Governance of Sustainability Masters program founded in 2019 to develop student relations and promote their social, academic, and career development alongside their studies. GOSSA aims to organize a balanced character of events, catering to students' interests and current academic activities. Examples of social events include surfing, pub quizzes, and bouldering, among others; studies and career-related activities include talks from invited professionals, a recycling plant excursion, and a career fair.

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