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Awards and Grants 2023

On this page you will find an overview of awards and prizes granted to our staff and students in 2022, as well as special appointments at Leiden University and other institutions.

Grants 2023

  • A NWO grant for building instruments for the biggest telescope in the world.
  • A NWO grant  for Organ models based on human stemcells.
  • Anne Wentink got a Vidi from NWO for her research in proteinfibers.
  • Sjoert van Velzen got a Vidi from NWO to solve the ‘mystery from the universe’.
  • Mariska Kriek got a Vici from NWO for het research in the origin of the solar system.
  • AI-program ROBUST got a NWO grant.
  • Ludwig Hoffmann got a Rubiconbeurs from NWO and ZonMw for his research in biological materials.
  • Erin Faught got a Veni from NWO for her research in cortisol.
  • Peter Koymans got a Veni from NWO for his research in arithmetic statistics.
  • Pavel Mancera Piña got a Veni from NWO for his research in the motions of the gas and stars in galaxies. 
  • Nathaniel Martin and his team received an NWO grant to examine how blocking a specific enzyme in our body, NNMT, could be helpful in the treatment of some cancers.

Prizes 2023

Appointments 2023

  • Jos Raaijmakers was appointed to KNAW-member.
  • Jan Reedijk was appointed a honorary doctorate at the Nicolaus Copernicus university in Poland.
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