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Board of Deans

The deans (chairs of the faculty boards) form the Board of Deans, which is chaired by the Rector Magnificus.

  • Chair: Professor Carel Stolker
  • Faculty of Archaeology: Professor Jan Kolen
  • Faculty Governance and Global Affairs: Professor Erwin Muller
  • Faculty of Humanities: Professor Mark Rutgers
  • Faculty of Medicine/LUMC: Professor Pancras Hogendoorn
  • Faculty of Law: Professor Joanne van der Leun
  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Professor Paul Wouters
  • Faculty of Science: Professor Hubertus Irth (ad interim)


  • Acting as the Doctorate Board: conferring doctorates and honorary doctorates, recognition of co-tutelle and joint doctoral agreements, advising the Executive Board on the establishment of special and sponsored chairs, granting of Ius Doctoral Examinations to non-professors, and decisions on amendments to the Doctoral Degree Regulations
  • Collegial – non-decision- making – consultation on teaching and research in the broadest
    sense of the word
  • Advising the Executive Board on promotions to HGL-1
  • Advising the Executive Board on awards from the Coryfee fund
  • Selection of the annual Cleveringa professor
  • Awarding the Scaliger medal, in close discussion with the director of the Leiden University
  • Planning the celebration of the University’s annual Dies Natalis, including the choice of Dies lecturer(s). 


Secretary to the Board of Deans

Anneke Hendriks

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