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Leiden University Strategy

What does Leiden University want to have achieved by 2020? These are our ambitions for the coming years.

Promoting excellent research

The University wishes to create an increasingly attractive and challenging working climate for top academics and young researchers that is guided by quality and excellence. Our research will continue to meet the highest international standards of quality and academic integrity.

We intend to achieve this through:

  • greater collaboration, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary
  • stronger positioning and greater scope for top talent
  • better supervision and more support for young researchers

Activating talent

We challenge our students to excel and to get the best out of themselves. For our part, we do everything in our power to provide a stimulating academic environment in which to work and learn.

We  do this through:

  • focusing more attention on individual responsibility
  • encouraging greater student commitment and participation
  • providing more opportunities for acquiring new skills
  • putting greater emphasis on equal opportunities and diversity

Innovation in teaching and learning

Teaching at Leiden University has a solid academic basis. In terms of its research on didactics and new methods of teaching, the University aims to become a leading force on the national stage and to increase its visibility in the international arena.

We therefore aim to provide:

  • increased support for lecturers
  • room for innovation, such as online teaching
  • more effective knowledge sharing and quality assurance

Increasing impact and innovation

Leiden University wants its research and teaching to have an impact on society. Many of our researchers collaborate over the longer term with other universities and partners from the public sector, business community and wider public. The University encourages openness towards parties within and outside the University and a climate of open innovation.

We intend to achieve this by:

  • creating space for entrepreneurship in the widest possible sense
  • collaborating with partners on the Leiden Bio Science Park
  • establishing a Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • implementing new modes of teaching

Further internationalisation

The research and teaching environment for our students and staff is rapidly becoming more international. This makes the University even more attractive to excellent academics and students, but it also means that choices need to be made and that the we have to provide excellent facilities in a highly competitive environment.

Our ambition is therefore to have:

  • international classrooms
  • more international students
  • extra focus on equal opportunities
  • long-term international partnerships

Expansion of our campus in The Hague 

Our campus in the centre of The Hague is one of the key University locations, along with Leiden city centre and the science campus to the west of Leiden. 

In The Hague we want to:

  • have 4,000 students by the year 2020
  • reflect the profile of the Hague as city of international justice, peace and security
  • offer an ambitious research programme in governance and global challenges
  • intensify our relationship with our students in The Hague
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