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Some of Leiden University’s facilities are also available to external parties.

Open Access Research Infrastructure

Top quality research facilities are essential if you want to be successful in research. With this in mind, Leiden University has opened the research facilities at the Faculty of Science to external parties. Researchers from industry, knowledge institutes and other universities can access these facilities via the OARI (Open Access Research Infrastructure) portal. This portal includes an online database detailing all the apparatus and instruments and the related expertise.

OARI portal

University Services Department

The University Services Department (UFB) is one of Leiden University’s expertise centres and is responsible for faculty services. Businesses and individuals who are associated with Leiden University can also use the services of the University Services Department.

University Services Department

Events Office

Professional event planning is an art in itself, particularly if you wish to give your event an academic flavour. You will be faced with numerous contacts, contracts, timetables, agreements, lists and correspondance. Not to mention locations, logistics and budgets. Leiden University’s Events Office understands the art of event planning like no other. Use the services of this office and sit back in carefree anticipation of your event.

Events Office (In Dutch)


Like all large organisations, Leiden University needs flexible forms of employment. One way it meets this need is by hiring temporary staff. JobMotion was set up to cater for this need.  

JobMotion (In Dutch)

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