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Feeling safe at the university

Our university community is the heart of our academy. It is very important for Leiden University that our staff and studentsenjoy coming here to work and study and are able to carry out their activities without any hindrance.

The way we interact with one another in everyday practice determines our work enjoyment, the sense of safety and the extent to which we can be a learning organisation. And this in turn influences the performance that we are all able to achieve.

A safe working environment is essential. Collegiality, respect and work enjoyment should be a matter of course, and undesirable behaviour should be addressed promptly.

What can you do if you experience undesirable behaviour?

Awareness and behavioural change are essential to increase the feeling of safety.

Have you as a student come into contact with undesirable behaviour within the university? You can read on the Social safety and integrity page on the Student website who you can turn to and what steps you can take.

If you as a member of staff experience undesirable behaviour, there are a number of steps you can take. Identify the behaviour, speak up about it and seek support and help with the conversation if you need this. You can find information on the Social safety page about what you can do yourself and about the sources of help that you can call upon in such a situation.

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