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Our alumni

Alumni play an important part in building bridges between the University and society. Leiden University therefore works to maintain and strengthen the links with its graduates and to develop an informed and committed network of alumni.

Alumni network

Alumni are an important asset to our University. They are ambassadors of the degree programmes and the University, provide valuable feedback on our teaching and advise and assist the University and its graduates. For its part, the University is committed to the personal and professional development of its alumni and provides such activities as networking events and lectures. The University has a network of some 109,000 alumni, 5,000 of whom live abroad. About 7,800 students graduate every year.

Experience and advice

Graduates end up in all parts of society. Their network is of great value to the University in terms of contact with organisations and the authorities at home and abroad. Alumni make their experience available, thus helping our students get more out of their studies and student years. They can also advise young alumni on their career and professional development. Their financial contributions help create new opportunities for students and researchers.

Help with decisions

In return, Leiden University helps recent graduates by providing career coaching and networking opportunities and putting them into contact with businesses and organisations and with each other. We help graduates take the first steps in their careers. Leiden University has a mentor programme which links students to more experienced mentors. These are alumni from the same discipline who share knowledge, life experience and practical tips with students in their final year of study. These alumni have already proven themselves and can thus help students make future study or career choices. In addition, the University organises events, coach cafés and workshops. Young alumni can exchange experiences in the Young Alumni Network, a network especially for alumni up to the age of 35.


In order to involve alumni with the University, we publish a digital alumni newsletter every month and the alumni magazine Leidraad three times per year. Leidraad informs alumni about the latest activities and developments at the University, covers important topics and gives the floor to alumni and academics to discuss current issues at the University.

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