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Knowledge for the public

Knowledge is everywhere at Leiden University. It is also accessible for those who do not study or work at the University.

Route of Discoveries

Learn about the great discoveries made in Leiden. The Leiden Discoveries app takes you on a tour past the important academic discoveries made by great scholars in Leiden. Signs along the route provide a brief description of the discovery.  Tulips, superconductivity, the constitution, radio astronomy: all discoveries and inventions that were ‘made in Leiden’. Where and by whom? Find out with the app.

Leiden Discoveries

Studying a la carte

Are you interested in studying a subject at university but you don’t want to follow a whole academic programme? If so, you can take one of the many à la carte  courses offered by the Faculty of Humanities. The Studying à la carte programme offers you courses in one or more of the following areas: 
•    History and Cultures 
•    Art History, Theatre & Film
•    Language & Literature
•    Philosophy  & Religion

Studying a la carte (information in Dutch)

Studium Generale lectures

Studium Generale (the Department for General Studies) organises a wide range of academic activities such as lectures, symposia, film screenings and debates to give people a better understanding of what goes on within academia. A further aim of Studium Generale is to highlight the relationship between academia and society and to demonstrate how they influence one another. The programme is for students and staff and members of the public who are is interested in the events.

Studium Generale (information in Dutch)


Leiden University provides Higher Education for Seniors (HOVO ( Hoger Onderwijs voor Ouderen), that comprises university lectures for people aged 50 and above. There are lecture series in the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences. As with the regular lectures, some independent study is expected. The lectures often take place in the daytime, and participants pay per lecture series.

HOVO (information in Dutch)

Massive Open Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a new form of online lectures that anyone can follow whenever and wherever they want. The courses are free and cover a wide range of topics. For a small fee you can receive a certificate at the end of the MOOC.

Leiden University MOOCs

Academic Language Centre

The Academic Language Centre offers language courses at different levels of competence. Its range of courses includes:

  • language coaching
  • custom language classes
  • acculturation courses

You can also contact the Academic Language Centre for translations, editing work and any questions on language.

Academic Language Centre

PhD defences and inaugural lectures

If you are curious about the findings of PhD candidates and professors, keep an eye on our calendar of events for the latest inaugural lectures and PhD defences. Entrance to PhD defences is generally free, but you will need to register for inaugural and final lectures via the registration form. You can find these events in the University Calendar of Events.

Leiden University Press

Leiden University Press publishes books and articles for the international academic community. The publications are relevant for academics and professionals.

Leiden University Press

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