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Free large scale online education

Everyone wherever they are in the world can follow free online academic courses offered by Leiden University.

Thousands of participants

There are over twenty free online courses offered by Leiden University to choose from. Each of these Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has attracted thousands of participants from all parts of the world. MOOCs are completely online, so all you need to be able to take part is a computer or tablet with internet. There are no set requirements for prior education or diplomas, and the courses are free.

 I took this course as I retired two years ago and now find myself seeking a new career path.
- Christine McKelvie, United Kingdom

Completely digital

The lecturers giving the courses are the best in their field. They prepare online video lectures and peer reviewed assignments.  The course participants work together in an international classroom, in a digital environment, do tests and exchange ideas via internet fora. At the end of a MOOC they receive a certificate of participation, and an official, verified certificate can also be issued on payment of a modest fee. 

MOOC lecturers prepare online video lectures

For everyone

With the advent of MOOCs it is possible for everyone, irrespective of age, location and education, to engage in education at academic level. Taking a MOOC can help develop or improve skills or can refresh or deepen knowledge of a particular subject.

 The course will help me to improve the care of kidney transplantation recipients.
- Dang Kim Khue, Vietnam

More and more MOOCs

When Leiden University started offering MOOCs in 2013, it was the first Dutch university to do so. The list of Leiden MOOCs continues to grow and the subjects are very diverse: from international law to terrorism, and from cultural heritge to kidney transplantation. There are more than 480,000 course participants from 196 countries.

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