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At the campus in The Hague the University works closely with diverse parties and institutions in he city.

Security and terrorism

The University works closely with the municipality of The Hague, as well as with national and international organisations, for example in the area of international law and conflict resolution. The Hague Cyber Security Academy has also been established, in partnership with the Haagse Hogeschool and the TU Delft. 

Leiden, Delft, Erasmus

Another important partnership is the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus knowledge alliance, a strong research and teaching cluster in South Holland that has been in operation since 2012.  The three universities in the central Randstad area of the Netherlands are exploring the potential advantages of collaboration. Research is combined in nine different centres and teaching is provided in joint programmes and minors offered in the different cities.  

Health in The Hague

Leiden University Medical Center, the STZ hospitals in The Hague, MCH Brononvo and the Haga Hospital (part of the Reinier Haga group), and Leiden University together make up the LUMC campus in The Hague. LUMC does not provide healthcare in The Hague, but focuses on research and teaching, innovation (e-health) and knowledge valorisation.Tthe initiators of the LUMC Campus The Hague want to use their knowledge to contribute to dealing with complex health problems of vulnerable groups in the population in an urban, multi-ethnic environment. 

Arts in The Hague

The University also works closely together with the Royal Conservatory and the Royal Academy of Art. The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts offers a unique combination of performing arts with academic research and teaching. A joint programme is offered in which composers, performing artists, visual artists and designers can study for a PhD. Students from the University can take arts programmes here, where their study credits count towards their bachelor’s or master’s diploma.  

Working towards a fun student life

There are also partnerships such as the  International Community Platform and The Hague Student city platform that aim to promote a fun and lively student life in The Hague. The municipality, the University and the Haagse Hogeschool are collaborating on a shared Student Centre. 

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