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Centre for the Arts in Society


LUCAS pools expertise in the fields of literary history and theory, book, film and media studies, and art history. Members of LUCAS teach in a wide variety of Bachelor's and (Research) Masters programmes.

From Research to Education

The two-year Research master Arts and Culture and the Research Master Literary Studies are accurate reflections of the academic range of the Institute. These programmes on literature, media and culture of Europe and the Americas allow for an in-depth knowledge of the students’ specialisations and pay specific attention to the development of theories on culture, literature, visual arts and the methodology of research in cultural and literary studies.

Both Research Masters are an excellent preparation for a PhD in the Humanities: on topics in literature, art history, film, media and culture studies, etc. Some of the attractions of the Institute’s PhD programme are the tailor-made supervision of the students, the participation of the students in the monthly Institute’s graduate seminar and the opportunities students have to gain experience in administration, teaching, organising conferences, etc. Foremost in the Institute’s education and research is the position of arts in society, today and in the past.

There are about thirty students attending two ResMa’s and twenty internal PhD researchers, apart from nearly 120 external PhD candidates – together they form the flourishing community of LUCAS students.

In the sidebar you will find the Bachelors and (Research) Masters to which LUCAS members contribute. The subject areas taught by individual LUCAS members can be found on their profile pages.

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