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Open Access is an international development that aims at making research free and accessible for everyone. LUCAS supports the ideals and principles of Open Science. We are therefore hoping that all colleagues will be willing to contribute to the fulfilment of these ideals. But we realize that the developments are going fast and that they may raise questions. We have therefore organized two meetings (March 2022 and June 2022) where we have discussed various aspects of Open Access. Here you can find more information.

What we can all do (and this is what the LUCAS Management Team strongly encourages) is to register all our publications in LUCRIS and to upload them into the University Repository. The so-called Taverne amendment (see below) grants the author of a short work (i.e. article, book chapter) the right to make it freely available to the public, following a ‘reasonable term’ after publication. This is a right, not an obligation, but we do encourage you to upload your publications to the repository – you can use an embargo and / or upload a pre-publication version of your article or book chapter if you wish.

Open Access Agreements

The University has 18 open access deals with publishers for more than 11.000 high quality journals. These deals offer our submitting corresponding authors the possibility to publish Open Access without additional costs and guarantee high quality.  

The Journal Browser for Leiden Researchers shows all possibilities per individual journal to publish Open Access, including those for which an agreement on Open Access with discounts up to 100% applies. You can use the filter on the left-hand side, if you only wish to see journals for which you do not have to pay an APC. To make sure that the article processing fees for your article are funded by the deals with the publishers, please check the terms and condition of the publisher in the Journal Browser. For example, for some publishers it is necessary that you use your Leiden affiliation and email address. Publishers like Cambridge University Press, Sage, Wiley, Walter de Gruyter and Brill will not make your publication Open Access under the agreements unless you use the Leiden University email address.

Open Access - Upload now!

Upload your Leiden affiliated academic articles and book chapters that have been published more than 6 months ago to LUCRIS and they will be automatically open access. However, register and upload preferably directly after publication with the publisher and upload the publication with a six month embargo. Thanks to the Taverne Amendment academics employed by a Dutch University may share their Dutch University affiliated short scientific works (for example articles and book chapters), regardless of any restrictive publishers’ guidelines. These academics may share the published version after six months, even if the embargo period is longer, or you are a co-author, or your publication was published by an international publisher. If you prefer not to use the Taverne Amendment, you can upload a version of your publication according to the publisher’s policy.

Useful links:

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Questions can be sent to the following email addresses:

For general information on open access at Leiden University, please click here.

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