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Arts, Media and Society (BA)

Nowadays, the arts and media are inextricably connected to the society in which we live. The Arts, Media and Society bachelor’s programme will take you on an enlightening journey during which you’ll explore the issues in society we currently face from the perspectives of the arts and the media.

Joëlle Daems

Master's student

Joëlle Daems

"The teachers are very good: involved, approachable and enthusiastic about their courses. It’s always possible to ask questions. Very often they guide excursions as well."

Rob Zwijnenberg

Professor in Arts, Media and Society

Rob Zwijnenberg

“My focus lies on bio-art and the implications of biotechnology and I try to understand the legal, ethical and cultural aspects of biotechnological developments. I carry out research from a humanities perspective – aided and abetted by art. I am looking for answers to questions like: What kind of human beings do we want to become?”

Why study Arts, Media and Society?

By providing a unique view on complex issues, art plays a distinct and highly relevant role in today’s society. It is also an indispensable force for good in any democratic society. In the Arts, Media and Society bachelor’s programme you’ll see how contemporary art engages with society about global issues, such as terrorism, biotechnology, ecology, and politics. You’ll also learn how art, film, photography and digital media are shaping our society and how the arts and media can help provide strategies for social and political activism.

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Why Arts, Media and Society at Leiden University?

  • It’s a small-scale, highly international programme taught in English and linked to Leiden University’s globally acclaimed bachelor’s programme in Art History.
  • You will be based in the beautiful city of Leiden, close to great contemporary museums and media institutions in Leiden, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
  • The programme can fall back on an extensive national and international network of scholars, artists and scientists. They are regularly invited into our classrooms to lecture on what they do and share their thoughts and experiences with our students.

Is this programme for you?

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, we can safely say that the Arts, Media and Society programme is for you.

  • Do you care about the challenges we face today and are you fascinated by the way that art and artists comment on these challenges?
  • Do you want to understand the place of contemporary media in society and art?
  • Would you like to discover the relevance of arts and media in society?
  • Do you feel at home in an intercultural and interdisciplinary environment?
  • Are you fascinated by the influence of art on challenges in society?
In some AMS courses we invite artists that engage with societal issues to bring you into direct contact with contemporary art practice. In the photo: Bernhard Lenger & Hannah van Luttervelt.

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