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Classics and Ancient Civilizations (research) (MA)

The Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) master's at Leiden University covers the entire range of present-day research on the civilisations of Greece and Rome, Egypt and the Ancient Near East.

Classics and Ancient Civilizations was voted as a top rated programme in the Netherlands by the Keuzegids 2019 ranking

The Research MA programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations has received the label ‘top programme’ in the Keuzegids Masters of March 2019. The study guide bases its results on the opinion of students (through the National Student Survey) and experts (NVAO).

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Why study Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) at Leiden University

The research master's programme distinguishes itself from other similar master's programmes by consistently integrating Greek and Roman Antiquity, the world of the Hebrew Bible, ancient Judaism, emerging Christianity, Egypt (ancient, antique and late-antique) and the cuneiform cultures of Ancient Mesopotamia, within their broader context. The number of specialisations offered by the Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) programme is unparalleled.

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Use a range of research methods

The programme makes creative use of a wide range of research methods, all of them well-represented at Leiden University. Traditional philology with its intimate knowledge of languages and texts, while still indispensable, is enriched by literary studies, cultural history, and the analysis of material culture.

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Focus on your area of interest

You will be able to tailor your study programme to your personal interests by creating your own combination of courses within the specialisation of your choice from other research master’s programmes within the Faculties of Humanities.

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It is also possible to study the one-year Master’s programme Classics and Ancient Civilisations.

Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) degree

Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) at Leiden University is an accredited degree programme. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a research master’s degree in Classics and Ancient Civilizations and the title Master of Arts (MA).

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