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Application deadlines

Now that you are aware of your bachelor's admission requirements, it's time to check the application deadlines.

Below you can find an overview of application deadlines for students who want to apply for a bachelor’s programme. All bachelor’s programmes start in September.

Bachelor’s programmes


Colloquium doctum admission procedure

15 October

Bachelor’s programmes with limited quota

15 January

Bachelor’s programmes for candidates who need a visa, residence permit or accommodation via Leiden University Housing Office

1 April

Bachelor’s programmes with a compulsory matching module (Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, International Relations and Organisations, PhysicsPsychologySecurity Studies and Astronomy)

1 May (the early bird deadline is 15 January)


Bachelor’s programmes for candidates who don’t need accommodation via Leiden University Housing Office and who are not applying for a programme with a limited quota or compulsory matching

15 June


Leiden University College The Hague

1 January (early bird deadline)
1 April (regular deadline)


Not all programmes have the same deadlines; always check the individual programme descriptions for application deadlines.

Apply early!
Just in case you have to take an additional entrance exam or submit additional documentation, you should always apply as early as possible. If you apply at the last minute, you risk missing deadlines, such as those for housing or visa applications.