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Biomedical Sciences (BSc)

If you wish to know exactly what is going on in a healthy or sick human body, and at various levels such as molecule, cell, tissue, organ, larger systems and a person as a whole? Do you wish to learn how to do research which contributes to diagnoses, treatment and prevention of diseases? Then the bachelor degree programme Biomedical Sciences at Leiden University is your thing!

What makes Leiden unique is that you study directly at the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC). The lectures are given by professionals: researchers and physicians who work at the LUMC themselves. Your study is very close to the medical practice, where patient care, research and education are closely linked. Furthermore, the programme is very broad, relatively clinical, small-scale and it prepares you step-by-step for working in an international environment. As you progress through the programme English slowly becomes the language of instruction.

Does this sound like your bachelor degree programme? Please read on in Dutch!

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