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English Language and Culture (BA)


The Bachelor's programme in English Language and Culture considers it important that you make a conscious and informed decision about your studies. Therefore, we created the Online Matching Module which is designed to help you reach and consolidate this decision.

Experience tells us that students who enrol for their degree programme on time and make a conscious decision, have a better chance of making a good start in their studies and in passing the first year.

The Online Matching Module consists of videos and questions. It is important to know that you will not be tested on these questions; you will also not receive a final score that determines whether you will be admitted.

Matching is a part of your admission and application procedure.

Matching module

Via this Online Matching module you will familiarise yourself with the course materials and the methodology that are typical for this programme. Once you have completed the Online Matching module, you will receive feedback about how well this programme matches your interests and capabilities.

Please note: The advice following your results is not binding. Therefore, your performance on the assignments will not influence your chances of admission to the programme in any way.

The Online Matching module helps you to find out whether studying the bachelor’s programme English Language and Culture at Leiden University is a good choice for you.


The module consists of online lectures, texts and questions on a few subjects: The historical roots of English place names, Literature, Dialects and Accents. After you have watched the online lectures or after you have read the texts, you will be asked to answer the corresponding questions.

In addition to the online lectures, we have also added chapters about academic skills and motivational questions.


Once you have applied for English Language and Culture and your application has been successfully received by Leiden University, you will receive an invitation to participate in the Online Matching module, as well as information to create an account for this. Once this is done you can start the Online Matching module.

Please note that the matching period starts in February 2021. Invitations for the matching module will be sent out from the beginning of February.

The module must be completed as early as possible and 19 August 2022 at the latest. Note that this is done next to the admission procedure. Only if you have completed the matching activity and are unconditionally admitted to the programme, we can finalise your registration for English Language and Culture.

Help in deciding

Have you completed the Online Matching module and do you want to discuss your matching results? Request advice from your coordinator of studies, Inge Veldhuis-Cnossen.

We wish you lots of fun and good luck!

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