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Every semester, Leiden University reserves a number of rooms for international students via DUWO, a local housing agency. As there is limited availability, you are highly advised to request housing as early as possible!

Who is eligible?

Accommodation is intended for short-stay international students (i.e. non Dutch passport holders), who are joining Leiden University for an exchange or degree programme. The maximum rental contract duration is one year and extensions are not possible. If you intend joining Leiden University for more than one year, we therefore advise you to seek housing yourself via other routes. See our Finding Housing Yourself page for advice.

Deadlines and limited availability

Accommodation is offered on a first-come first-served basis, according to the date we receive your housing fee. Due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient accommodation available for all students who request housing before the deadline.


  • 1 June: for studies commencing in August/September
  • 15 November: for studies commencing in in January/February

How does it work?

Students who request housing and pay the housing fee in time will be granted access to a housing reservation portal. Here you can find all the accommodation set aside by DUWO for Leiden University’s international students.

  1. Apply for admission to a degree or exchange/study abroad programme at Leiden University.
  2. In the online application system (uSis), indicate that you want to request housing.
  3. Pay the €285 housing fee as instructed in uSis as soon as possible.
  4. Two weeks after the housing application deadline, we will send you an email letting you know that either:   
    • you applied in time and will soon be given access to the housing reservation portal, or
    • too many students applied before you, so you can choose to either request a refund of your housing fee, or be put on a waiting list and given access to the housing reservation portal if other students withdraw.
  5. Soon after, we will begin sending emails with log-in details for the ROOM-University housing reservation portal. Here you can find all the accommodation set aside by DUWO for Leiden University’s international students.

    Log-in details will be sent in batches. Students who paid the housing fee earliest will receive their log-in details first, followed by the next batch and so on. Remember to check your emails (and junk mail) frequently from the housing deadline onwards!

  6. Immediately after receiving your log-in details, log into the ROOM-University housing reservation portal and reserve your accommodation. Be quick! Remember that other students will be reserving rooms at the same time as you. And the longer you wait, the more students will be granted access to the portal so the less choice you will have.

Once you have reserved your room, you will receive information on further procedures and payments via DUWO. You can find further details on the DUWO – I have found a room page.

On the DUWO terms and conditions page you can find information on matters such as tenancy regulations, cancellation policies and contract termination and extensions.

If you decide not to join Leiden University or you find your own place to stay, remember to cancel your housing request right away! If you cancel before the housing deadline your housing fee will be refunded. After this date, the housing fee becomes non-refundable. To cancel your request, send a message via the Housing contact form stating your name and student number.

About the accommodation

There are a range of accommodation types available, from rooms with shared facilities to individual apartments. Prices range from 425 euro to 1000 euro per month (including utility charges) and all accommodation is furnished. Accommodation is located in either Leiden, The Hague or the surrounding area and is easily accessible by public transport.

You can get an indication of accommodation types, prices and locations on the DUWO-Leiden University website  - see addresses listed on the right of the page (click on English at the top-right of each page).    

Residence Life Programme

At most accommodation complexes for international students Leiden University offers the Residence Life Programme. The goal of this programme is to help international students feel happy and at home in Leiden.
Read more about the Residence Life Programme.

Students with a disability

If you have a disability you may require additional facilities in your living environment. Finding suitable accommodation can be time-consuming, so please contact the Housing Officer as early as possible for advice. Also visit our webpages about studying with a disability or contact Fenestra Disability Centre.

Further information

For questions during the housing application process, see the contact details on this page.

Once you have reserved a room via the housing reservation portal, please contact DUWO with any questions about your reservation, contracts and payments.

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