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Institutional Plan 2015-2020: Freedom to Excel

Leiden University has outlined its strategy for 2015-2020 in its Institutional Plan 'Freedom to Excel'. This theme links two core values that have defined the University since its foundation in 1575.

Bastion of Freedom

The University’s motto is Bastion of Freedom. In a world in which freedom is becoming less of a given, Leiden as a leading, international research university aims to be a point of reference for society. The University aims to create an environment in which academics and students have the opportunity to excel. We wish to excel in order to make the world a safe, healthy, sustainable, prosperous and just place – at local, regional and global level.


The six ambitions of Leiden University for 2015-2020 are:

  1. An environment for excellent research
  2. Activating talent
  3. Innovation in teaching and learning
  4. Increased impact and innovation
  5. Research and teaching in an international setting
  6. Further development of our campus in The Hague

Freedom to Excel 2015-2020

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