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The Dutch government has announced various measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands. These have a significant effect on our students and staff. On these pages, we explain what these measures mean for our students and staff, and the practicalities that are involved.

The key measures that we have adopted are as follows:

  • From 26 April (limited) in-person teaching is possible once again. We will prioritise practicals, work groups and other small group teaching, and student supervision. Read more
  • From 26 April lecturers and other staff members will therefore be able to come to university locations for teaching and student support. 
  • We would urge our office staff to continue to work from home where you can. You may work at the university on an exceptional basis, but do discuss this with your manager in advance. Location-specific research can continue. Read more
  • Always do the corona check before coming to the university.
  • PhD defences and inaugural lectures will be held online. For more information see the protocol for online PhD defences.
  • All events have been cancelled until further notice. These include degree ceremonies for groups.
  • The Campus Protocol entered into force on 31 August 2020. This contains the main rules and regulations for students and staff.
  • In principle, students may not travel abroad for study-related activities until the end of this academic year. Staff may not go on business trips until further notice. The University can grant permission for such a trip in very exceptional cases. Read about the application procedure for students and staff.
  • Stay home if you have coronavirus symptoms, and book a test.
  • The guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) also apply at the University: practise 1.5-metre distancing and avoid busy places, wash your hands regularly and cough/sneeze into your elbow. Face masks are compulsory in Leiden University buildings.
  • Follow our updates page and the websites listed below for the latest information.

Information on online studying

Information on remote teaching (for staff)

Information on working from home (for staff)

Information for researchers

The coronavirus outbreak is a major public health problem. We as a university are taking measures to help contain and solve this problem. We therefore ask you to follow these instructions closely, and hope we can count on your cooperation in tackling this public health problem.

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