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Travel advice

Countries all around the world are adopting measures to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. These measures may affect whether students and staff from Leiden University can travel abroad for their work or studies.

In principle, students may not travel abroad for study-related activities until the end of the academic year. Staff may not go on business trips until further notice. If you are planning to travel abroad for field research, an internship or a summer school, for instance, or want to go on a business trip, the University will only authorise this in very exceptional cases. The International Incident Team will consider your application and the Executive Board will consequently decide whether or not to authorise your trip. See below for information on applying for permission.


Returning or arriving from abroad

Leiden University students and staff who are returning from a country with an orange or red colour code in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advisory – which also specifies that you should quarantine for ten days – are not allowed to visit the university during this period, regardless whether they have symptoms. This also holds for international students or staff arriving from a country with a red or orange travel advisory. University policy is therefore stricter than government policy. For the latest travel advisories, see nederlandwereldwijd.nl. If you experience coronavirus symptoms, call 0800-1202 to book an appointment for a test and go into quarantine.

Also, always consult the checklist for travel to the Netherlands, on the Dutch government website. The rules that apply to travellers entering the Netherlands may differ based on which country you are travelling from. For some countries there even is an entry ban.

International students in Leiden

If you are an international student currently residing in Leiden and you have questions on e.g. returning to your home country or finishing your study programme online, you can contact your international exchange coordinator, call our central helpline 071 – 527 1132 or send an email to corona@leidenuniv.nl. Please also follow your lecturers’ instructions through Blackboard or Brightspace. 

If you are an international student and are returning to the Netherlands after a period abroad, please refer to the information above, under ‘Returning or arriving from abroad’. 

International staff in Leiden

If you are an international member of staff, you may have questions about returning to your home country and whether this or remaining here will have implications for your residence permit, health insurance, employment contract, accommodation and so on. The Service Centre for International Staff can help you here.

If you are an international member of staff and are returning to the Netherlands after a period abroad, please refer to the information above, under ‘Returning or arriving from abroad’. 

Study-related trips and exchanges

All exchange programmes in the 2020-2021 academic year have been cancelled because of coronavirus. This applies both to Leiden students who want to study abroad (outbound students) and to international exchange students who want to study here (incoming students). The University will contact all outbound exchange students to seek alternatives.

If you are planning to go abroad for another activity such as an internship, fieldwork, research project, medical clerkship or compulsory study abroad element, you may, in exceptional circumstances, receive permission to do so.

More information and applying for permission

Business trips

Business trips abroad are not permitted until further notice, unless the Executive Board gives prior permission in writing. This applies to all trips, regardless of the government’s travel advice. For the time being, extreme caution is being exercised with approving foreign travel. This same procedure also applies to business trips that had already been planned and approved; you will therefore have to request permission for this trip once again.
More information and applying for permission

The University will help any students and staff who are abroad and need help. The form that this help takes will depend on the individual situation. The prime concern is everyone’s safety. If you need urgent help, call the University’s emergency number: +31 71 527 6666 (available 24/7).

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