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Coronavirus: information for students and staff

Coronavirus updates

Read about the latest news and measures at our university. This information is updated regularly.

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A message from the Executive Board

Since 30 August 2021, higher education in the Netherlands has been almost fully open once again – although a few rules do still apply.  We now know that the number of cases is increasing rapidly, and the government has introduced new measures to protect us and those around us. In higher education a maximum 75 people are allowed per room once again and working from home is the norm.

Students and staff once again have to wear a face mask when moving through our buildings, and the measures may change again in the near future. Read about the latest developments in our updates.

Stay at home and get tested if you have any symptoms. We also encourage everyone to get vaccinated, for your own health and that of your lecturers, colleagues and fellow students. And above all: think of others: give people space and respect one another’s boundaries.

If you test positive for Covid after visiting our campus, please notify your manager or study adviser. This will allow us to take precautions to prevent others from being infected; we will ensure that your details remain anonymous and data protection regulations are observed.  

The advice for our staff is to work from home as much as possible – with exceptions for our teaching and some of our research. 

Unfortunately, the number of cases has started rising once again this autumn, and coronavirus looks likely to be around for a while, but nonetheless the future looks brighter than it did at the start of the year: we now have effective vaccines and more and more people, young and old, are being vaccinated. This is an important development. 

The health and safety of our students and staff remains paramount in our buildings, so always do the the Corona Check before you come to the University. And 1.5m distancing remains important to prevent the transmission of Covid.  

For all the rules and regulations, see the Campus Protocol. And if you are a student and need help, please see what our Student Support Services have to offer.

Your commitment, creativity, flexibility and solidarity continue to impress us. Our staff are working hard on new solutions and measures to ensure that the teaching and research can continue where possible, be it online or offline. We are extremely proud of what everyone has achieved together.

We are facing an uncertain autumn and winter but hope we can continue to count on your support and look forward to seeing you in good health this academic year. Stay strong and see you soon!

If you have any questions, please see the  updates on the website, read the FAQs or contact us by email.

Hester Bijl (Rector Magnificus)
Annetje Ottow (President)
Martijn Ridderbos (Vice-Chairman)

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