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Leiden University is a integral part of the community and contributes to a sustainable society. Over the coming years our University will become even greener.

Sustainability is a key factor in our societal role, and it is an issue that features strongly not only in the University‚Äôs teaching and research but also in its management. We are proud to be ranked highly in the SustainaBul Sustainability Ranking.

We largely have our students to thank for the fact that Leiden University is becoming greener. Our students play a critical role in how the University views sustainability and they often take the initiative for projects. 

Leiden University carries out construction and demolition projects as sustainably as possible. By switching to green energy, we make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Sustainability dossier

Want to know more about Leiden University becoming more and more greener? Read our dossier The sustainable university

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