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Leiden University is a integral part of the community and contributes to a sustainable society. Over the coming years our University will become even greener.

Societal responsibility

Sustainability is a key factor in our societal role, and it is an issue that features strongly not only in the University’s teaching and research but also in its management. We are proud to be ranked highly in the SustainaBul Sustainability Ranking.

Active students

We largely have our students to thank for the fact that Leiden University is becoming greener. Our students play a critical role in how the University views sustainability and they often take the initiative for projects. 

Green Office

Leiden University Green Office (LUGO), opened  in September 2016. Students and staff at the University can contact LUGO if they have any ideas about how to make the University greener.  The enthusiastic students who run LUGO help develop these ideas into concrete projects. 

Sustainable construction

Our aim is to make our new science campus as sustainable as possible. Sustainability is also a strong factor in other construction projects, such as the Campus in The Hague and the development of the Humanities Campus in Leiden's inner city.

Green electricity

Leiden University has been using green electricity generated by hydropower since 2010. With this energy source, we are making a significant contribution to reducing our CO2 emissions.

Environment and Sustainability Plan

Our plans for focusing more attention on sustainability are set out in the new environmental and sustainability plan 2016-2020. Our ambition is to reduce the CO2 footprint in the coming years by 50 per cent. The plan includes measures in the area of real estate, energy, water, procurement and investment, waste management and mobility. 

Centre for Environmental Sciences

The range of programmes offered by the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in sustainability. Through their research, our scientists contribute to a more sustainable world. Read more about this issue on the site of the CML and in our research dossiers on Keeping the planet liveable and Probing complex problems.

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