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Networks and community

The D&I Expertise Office is in close contact with various student and staff networks regarding diversity and inclusion.

These networks contribute to community building and raising awareness about specific topics. They play an important advisory role and the D&I Expertise Office collaborates with them in fostering knowledge and awareness on diversity and inclusion and in policy making.

D&I networks and community

The D&I Expertise Office supports the following networks and their activities. These networks also provide direct feedback on the University’s diversity and inclusion policy.

Other networks

There are a number of networks within faculties and university wide, which contribute to diversity and inclusion within the university community independently from the D&I Expertise Office.

Advisory Council and faculty contacts

The D&I Expertise Office works closely together with the following fora to develop and implement diversity and inclusion policy.

Advisory Council ‘Excellence trough Diversity’

The Advisory Council ‘Excellence trough Diversity’ includes staff members from all faculties, as well as different types of positions within the university. The Council members advise on the university’s diversity and inclusion policy based on their different areas of experience and expertise.

Faculty Diversity Officers and diversity coordinators

The D&I Expertise Office is in close contact with the faculty Diversity Officers and diversity coordinators. They are contact persons for the diversity and inclusion policy on a faculty level, as well as diversity and inclusion regarding teaching and HR. An overview of the faculty coordinators can be found here. Furthermore, there is a growing number of diversity and inclusion soundboard groups and committees on the faculty and institute level.

Charters and (inter)national networks

Leiden University has committed itself to various charters, including

  • Workplace Pride
  • (Vrouwelijk) Talent naar de Top
  • Cultureel Talent naar de Top
  • Charter Diversiteit

On the national level, the D&I Expertise Office is involved with the National Council of Diversity Officers. On the European level, the D&I Expertise Office is involved with the LERU policy group Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

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