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Collaboration and networks

Leiden University is actively engaged in exchanges, partnerships, collaborations, knowledge sharing and developing new programmes and methods, both nationally and internationally.


Leiden University has signed a number of charters, including the Talent to the Top Charter, the Diversity Charter and the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. The university is also a member of diverse platforms and networks.

National collaboration

Leiden is the originator and founder of the National Council of Diversity Officers at Dutch Universities. This body is a serious discussion partner for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science with regard to diversity policies at Dutch universities and also for other national knowledge institutions, such as VSNU, LNVH  and the Platform for Diversity in Science.

In addition, Leiden Universit, Erasmus University Rotterdam and  De Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are members of the The Future is Diversity task force that focuses on the intake and study success of bicultural students in higher education. Their joint policy aims at promoting an inclusive learning and working environment, and improving the training and support for these students in their transition to the employment market. 

International partnerships

Leiden University is a member of the LERU Gender Working Group where expertise on diversity and inclusiveness is shared with other European universities, including Oxford, UCL, Lund and Zurich. There are also many contacts with international diversity experts and other European universities, including Harvard University and King’s College.

Contact with networks

The Diversity Office interacts closely with diverse networks and groups that play an important role in or make an important contribution to diversity and inclusiveness policy at our university. The Diversity Office also supports international and intercultural student organisations in Leiden. These organisations are meeting places for students who have come to the Netherlands from countries throughout the world.

Sounding Board on Diversity Policy
The Sounding Board is made up of students and young alumni, all volunteers, who work to critically monitor and improve the visibility of diversity and the diversity policy. 

Leiden University Diversity and Equality Network
This network’s primary goal is to promote a more inclusive working and learning environment.

LUMC Vitaal
This network is aimed at all academically trained women in the LUMC who are pursuing a medical or scientific career.

Leiden University Pride
LU Pride is a non-profit organization representing the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, …) students, employees, alumni and friends of Leiden University.

Leiden United
This international student association aims to bridge the gap between Dutch and International (exchange) students.

Researchers in Science for Equality (RISE)
RISE is the network for female beta scientists of Leiden University, Faculty of Science. 

Afro Student Association (ASA)
ASA want to improve the  lives of black students in The Hague through workshops, meetings and social events.

MENA Student Association strives to provide a non-sectarian environment where students have the chance to interact with each other and the outer community. We aim to represent Middle Eastern culture by challenging stereotypes and promoting an inclusive vision of the region which includes gender, race and sexuality.”

Feminist Evolution Leiden (FEL)
By offering dual-language lectures, a newsletter, booktalks, and other collaborations FEL is a space for your interest in feminism to grow and develop.

Space to Talk About Race (STAR)
STAR aims to create spaces where the topic of race, racism and heritage-related matters are more freely discussable in and around Leiden University, through (educational) events, safe(r) spaces and peer-to-peer support.

POPcorner helps students find their way around their faculty and as a student, by organising lectures, excursions and other social activities. There is a POPcornerat the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and one at the Faculty of Humanities.

LGBT+ Network
The LGBT+ Network offers a platform for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer staff and students at Leiden University.

Sophia Women's Network
This network, named after Leiden's first female professor, Sophia Antoniadis, aims to create equal opportunities and promote a better working climate for female academic staff at Leiden University.

Access & Support Platform
The Access & Support Platform is a network of disability experts by experience, i.e. staff and students, at Leiden University. ASP invites all members of the Leiden University community to work with us towards an inclusive and accessible Leiden University that fosters the equitable treatment of staff and students with a disability

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