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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are core values of Leiden University.

Leiden University is committed to becoming an inclusive community which enables all students and staff to feel valued and respected and to develop their full potential. Diversity in experiences and perspectives enriches our teaching and strengthens our research. High quality teaching and research is inclusive.

Achieving this goal requires a collective effort. The Diversity & Inclusion Expertise Office advises faculties, institutes and programs on their approaches to diversity and inclusion. We provide training programmes, guidelines, and information to enable staff and students to contribute to an inclusive learning and working environment. D&I staff and student networks provide community and they form an important sounding board for the D&I Expertise Office and the Executive Board on diversity and inclusion related issues.

The Leiden Inclusion Blog is a forum to share experiences and discuss current issues related to diversity in our academic community. Our newsletter contains the latest information. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well. Contact us to share your story!

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